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First off i must say I love this place. I have had endless problems and after a simple google search i'm always lead here. I am currently on my first grow and 2 weeks into my 12/12 cycle.
Oh yeah my set up: 4X4X6.5' tent, 400 watt (hps) can't afford an oscillating but i have a 6" non-oscillating one, I also can't afford any meters lol go figure soil foxfarms ocean forest which i think is a little hot. I'll probably try something different next round possibly even mix my own. I have an out take fan with a filter on the inside so it sucks out through the filter.
100% Organic I started watering with EarthJuice grow then learned about the pH problem so i started to bubble it and from there I started learning about tea's! My first batch of tea was purchased already blended made up of Ingredients: Earthworm castings, bat guano, seabird guano, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, greensand, epsom salt, dried molasses. It was cheap and wow my plants really took off. Basically I took a paint strainer and a 5 gallon bucket filled with 4 gallons of distilled water put the tea inside the strainer tied it off and brewed it with a 60 gallon air pump with 2 outlets and 2 airstones. Brew it for 48 hours before i use it. When i started my 12/12 I changed my tea recipe and made it myself I'm using 1 cup earthworm castings, 1/2 cup Jamaican bat guano, 5 table spoons of organic molasses,and 5 table spoons of liquid karma per 4 gallons of water and i'm planning on adding molded oatmeal and EJ bloom on the final 4 weeks of blooming assuming i can judge it being new and all.
This is illegal where i am at however 7 plus plants get's you 11 years even with a roach it will get you probation there is no simple possession. I am growing 5 plants, 4 pinnaple express and 1 candy kush. The CK has claw like drooping leaves on it and i would assume the pH is incorrect. How ever the buds look pretty nice on it?
The pe is all dwarft small plants i'm sure i've done something wrong the buds are all maybe a dime sized. I also noticed today yellowing on the tips I would assume this is from salt build up in the soil so i will be flushing all of them first thing when i turn the light back on however i'm nervous because i don't want to lose the microbes in the soil from the tea. I guess I will need to read up on that unless any of you fine people can offer me a suggestion.
Okay i'll stop now i appologize about my punctuation i never did learn that stuff :( I was to busy doing other stuff in school ;) I will also work on getting some pictures up soon.
Thanks guys you've already done a bunch for me


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Hey whats good granithead?! welcome to community =)

there are tuns of helpful people here willing to give help all the time, it really is an awesome forum to be apart of. you should throw up a few pics of your grow! we love bud pron hahaha
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