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I realised I have not introduced myself properly here, despite already starting a grow journal here. I am splitting myself between here and another similar site which I hope is OK!
I am a first time grower, growing 4 plants in hydro, Jack Diesel which are sativa dominant, which is my preference smoke wise. I am using a drip feed system. I use Hesi Hydro nutrients. I am using LST and making a COB.
I believe we should be able to grow our own for our own use although so far I have only been on marches to legalise cannabis, I have not got any further in the fight... yet!
There is a link to my grow so far in my signature below, pls do visit and leave your wisdom! I am learning so much as I go along, but trying to study as much as possible along the way. On that note, second day of 12/12 darkness has just ended in my ladies world, so I am off to check PH and EC and have a good gaze at them.
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