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Hi, I am a new member. "Looking to grow in the light" of all the knowledge this website / community has to offer. I'm young, and from BC Canada, and looking to make some Great tasting / quality buds for my local community to enjoy. While I reap the benefits this amazing plant has to offer.

I'll be kicking around almost daily, To read up on your information and to ask questions, just looking to learn as much as possible so I can making amazing buds for people to enjoy.

I unfortunately am " allergic to weed". according to the docs. But, I still like to sample my product. even though it makes my heart beat very strange/ gives me "abdominal migraines". In my opinion nothing is better then smoking some freshly cured weed, that you just spend the last 80days growing. :)

7 years ago, just after graduation I became very sick. No one could figure out why. I stopped smoking weed and my problems dissipated. I previously, was smoking just about every day assuming I had the cash to do so. XD

anyways, enough about that. In advance I want to thank everyone for any knowledge they pass on to me, I will probably put it to use. Cheers!

~ Durky

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Nice to see you posting here on 420mag. I am sorry to hear you are allergic to cannabis. What kind of grow setup are you using? Look forward to seeing you post your grow. I wish you the best.


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currently, a basic in soil grow with a 1000W HPS. I have an 800 W Veg room, with a simple 6 T8 Cloner. Looking to upgrade everything to aeroponics. I have grown, Blueberry, White widow, Ak48, Chronic and Super silver haze... Currently in the unfinished flower room I have ak 48 with chronic on week 2 of flower. in the cloner I have ak 48, and White widow growing away. they are on day 7. and looking okay.


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Hi durky, great to have you join us here in the greatest place to raise cannabis awareness and fight prohibition
:420: :welcome:

I hope maybe you may find some strains (like high CBD) that won't affect your allergies so badly. If you need any help navigating the site check out the New Member Start Links thread. And if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask; the FAQs forum is great for that.

:peace: :Namaste:

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Hey there Welcome to :420: !!

A fellow BC grower i see!

CBD is Cannabidiol, one of the active cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Pantagruel was suggesting you research strains that have a high CBD % that might possibly counteract your allergic reactions.

Have you tried edibles at all?

Greenthumb J

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it could very well be the process of combustion that agitates your body. Ingesting cannabis may produce the same effect without the ill side effects you may experience.

Keep on exploring! eventually you will find what you need!

This website is a great way to help find that something!

Best of luck!
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