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Hi everyone,

I am obviously new here. Looking forward to some great discussions and learning whatever I can pickup!

Let em' burn!


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Welcome to :420: If you're looking for information about growing.... this is the best place I've found without a doubt!!
A few great places for information are the Frequently Asked Questions and the search. I've found it very helpful to follow people's grow journals, mostly those who grow using the same method I use. Good luck and once again.. Welcome! :) :peace:

devils letuce

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hey man :welcome: 2 :420:

there is an unlimited amount of wealth on this site . start u a grow journal so u will have people watching and helping u along the way .


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Well, I am putting together everything needed for a 1st grow. Is there a logical place within these forums to have people look over what I'm building and offer input on that?
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