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Hello all! I'm new to this site. My name is Steve, I am a former grower from FL. I've been lurking for a few weeks now. I've been studing up on all these new growing techniques. I grew a few crops in the early 2000's when I was still a teen. But I can't believe folks from with LED's and cfl,s it just amazes me. Wow and the results from these LEDs! Any who, I like to start growing again soon. Just waiting on buying all my supplies. (Again) I plan on starting out doing a small grow indoors. I want to buy a 3x3x6 tent with 600w hps/mh conversion. Not sure if I will use soil or hydro. I've been leaning toward DWC. It will be a new realm for me I'm used to soil. I've also been reading up on brix kit from some of doc buds posts. That is just incredible. The resin production is nothing like I have ever seen! Anyway, I want to go small anyway cause it's still illegal here in FL. I may just wait a little longer the big vote is coming up in Nov. Well that's a little about me I look forward to talking and learning more from you all!


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Hi Steve! Welcome to 420mag! When you start your grow, I'd love to watch your journal if you decide to create one!

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wassup steve!
welcome to :420: get everyone to vote that u can !! just like u i am still amazed at all the progress leds and cfls have made ..


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:welcome:Steve! I was away from it for over 30 years and was BLOWN AWAY by how things are now! :) I've found so many people on this site who are not only willing to help but know what they're talking about. When you start growing again, think about posting a journal!
Good Luck! :peace:


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Welcome to :420:, and welcome to our community.
The best place for Cannabis awareness and information. :peace:
If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free.
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