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Just want to say hi to the 420 world. I've been growing budz for almost 10 years. When searching the web for some marijuana content I found this website. (about a month ago) At first, I just looked around. But today I took the leap of faith and registered. I respect everyone's knowledge here and can also see there is allot of better growers then I. I'm more then excited to start learning what I don't already know. Have a great day 420 world! :thumb:


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Welcome BlueBerry1! There certainly is a lot of knowledge flying around here. If you have any questions, pop over to the FAQ section and ask away.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Hi BlueBerry1,

Welcome to the site and community of folks that gathers here. I think you'll find the people to supportive and sincerely interested.

Be well and happy growing!
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