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Hello Guys, I am 32y. And a Grower from Germany. No breeder just a grower.
I love Marijuana. The Quality on the black Market became so bad that I started growing my own Seeds a few years ago and I am very satisfied:)
I like to try different varieties, there are so many. I am a Music Artist too and Growing and making Music is my passion. I cant Stop. In my circle of Friends there is no grower.

That's why I'm looking forward to sharing here my hobby and find friends. in Germany there is less information online about growing than international threads. So im glad to be here;)

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:welcome: to :420:Fonzi, you certainly came to the right place my friend, we're all treated like family and nothing compares to the love and compassion your going to find here, along with the most professional growers you'll ever meet anywhere. If we don't have it then you don't need it! lol
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