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Hello everyone, im the PieBeast (the mystical beast, said to deliver pies to the famished mouths of stoners)

...sorry for the lame intro. My real names kane, im curently a student waiting to face my finale exams before i go to university. At uni im hoping to study journalism and creative writing.

I like to think that im quite a creative person without anything in my system however i do find that marijuana helps me with my writing and lets me get more inside a character that my mind alone cant.

i hope that my writing can help people in some way, wether it makes 1 person or alot of people happy. My ambition is to become a writer and novelist like my heros Paul Abbott, Tim Burton, Hunter s Thompson and Nick Hornby.

i hope to chat to you lot soon,
take care!


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wow interesting origin for your name. glad you have found us. we like to have friends join us from all over the world. hang out and share with us:3:


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Nice, a man with a storyline, we could always use another one of those :) Welcome to 420, hope to see you around often!
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