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Hello! Gosh I accidently stumbled across this site and I'm glad I did :)
I smoked for quite some time back when I was in my 20s and 30s. My ex got me started and I loved it. Stopped at some point in 2001. Have really missed it. I'm a female from Texas, probably one of the strictest states there is for weed heh. Just moved to Corpus about a year ago and totally lost as far as what's available in this area. Thinking about possibly growing it but that doesn't seem very viable in a 1 bedroom apartment hehe. Anyway, just a shout out to all you going strong :)


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You'd be surprised how little space weed needs to grow. That being said, I wouldn't encourage you to do it in an apartment just because of the fact that the renters can come in, maintenance men, etc. Easy to get caught.


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Welcome to the forum and we all hope you will find some MJ relief soon...oh I can't think about going dry...I'll do some in your honor and send the kharma your way.:smoke2:


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welcome to 420magazine!!

i'm sure you'll find enough sources and help on this website to accomodate a grow in small spaces...ask around maybe.

glad you're smoking weed again.

hope you stay with us

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