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Smokin Moose

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Welcome back. Not sure why you need to ask if you are welcome. Is there a reason why you wouldn't be welcome?


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Alien Abduction. They made me smoke this shit that was out of this world.
No anal probing at least while I was awake. Got back Friday but I am not sure which Friday. OH hi Jeeper.

Big dog

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Welcome back Urdepal. I had noticed you were AWOL. It's good to have you back with us.


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Welcome back! It has been quite some time. Glad to see you are alive and well. :allgood:


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Welcome back. Don't know you but know your name well. Yeah, sometimes those alien abductions can be a bitch. Or great fun depending on the aliens.

Herb Fellow

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Welcome back! I don't know you; I think I'm new since you last blew thru.


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Its good to see some old faces along with the new.
Mostly I got Ice Queen, widow,skunk and chronic plus some blue berry Mr. Stix.
I am upgrading my grow room right at the moment and will probally be posting about it.
I also have a nice selection of beans still in their breeder packs and some plants from seed that have vegged too long with a small mite problem that is being treated. I hate mites but with the construction going on I must of somehow let them in.
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