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HELP! 600w dwc 10-15 days left til harvest


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So, I have 2 plants of unknown strain. Seem to be a hybrid leaning toward sativa. They are in 5 gal buckets ppm is @ 855 ph is @ 6.2.

Now, with my problem. I noticed this 2 days ago. The leaves are getting rust spots on them. No yellowing at all and the spots are random. The affected leaves are also loosing their 'vibrance' (they look very dull)

My only thought is it might be from the magic cal I use. About 5 days ago I stopped adding nutes. And 28 hrs ago I changed the water with water from my res. It was @ a ppm of 350 up 290 from the low 60 my tap starts out at. I'm really @ a loss right now. Pictures will be up in the next 5 minutes. Thank you again in advance.


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probably from the lack of nutrients, there's an article around here debating to flush or not to flush, pretty informative. :goodluck:

i'll take a look at your gallery to get a better idea

reread your post, did these spots appear before you lowered your ppm?
also, what leaves is this affecting? upper or lower? (big fans or fresh ones?)


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It had started before. I thought it was from spraying them w/ the lights on.... Stopped that a while back though. It was mainly affecting the larger upper fan leaves but was spread through out most f the canopy and a little under. I have removed the affected leaves in case of a mold problem. The problem has stopped spreading now. I also lowered the ph to 5.8-5.9. Next time I'll know and try to adjust the ph first. Thank you very much for your time. I'l be finishing my journal all @ once in about 2 weeks. Looking like 4-5 oz
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