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Help,a male on my chick!


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Hi,all. Im currently 2 weeks in to flowering and have noticed what appears to have been a male sac,completely opened. Its the only one so far. Question is,how much will my plant be pollinated by this,and although I expect seeds,will it be mostly seeds or bud, thx in advance.


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Ps. the sac was very small,by the way,not as big as ive seen them before,so hope it makes a little difference


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hi Daikush,

you need to:
turn off your fans.
Thoroughly mist all plants with clear water. Use a spray bottle or something. This neutralizes the pollen.
Remove and destroy the male if you don't want the entire crop seeded.
You will probably have a few seeds but nothing major. Keep a sharp eye out for more boys, you should be fine.

Good luck.
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