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Help a pothead


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This is probaly a stupid question but,I have two 75watt medium base lights
for a outdoor security setup.It dose not say wat kind of ligtht it is,is it a
HPS or what?Will it be ok to grow with it?If so what could I use for a reflector?Sorry for all the quesions,just a pothead needing some advice.


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Im not sure about the lights but for reflectors, mylar is great i use to have just white walls and did not reflect much some dark spots, but now that put in mylar WOW big diference bright all in the box no more dark spots. Maybe if you can get a pic of the lights? It be a lot helpful.


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Not much help people. The bulbs are cone shaped with a menium base,
they were for a motion sensor for home security.They look doable,but
I dont want to screw shit up.It wouldnt be a serious grow,only2 girls
but I want to know if it would work.Please anyone help.:cool027:
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