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Help about ventilation & box size


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Hi I was just wondering if anyone could help me about what ventilation and what dimensions I should build my grow box. I'm looking to grow 3 plants I was thinking about using this mars 600 watt led light
would that be enough for 3 plants or not enough? And I want the plants to be side by side.

I'm on a very tight budget and I can't figure out what ventilation to get, I live somewhere that the winter is very cold and the space where the box will be located gets very hot in summer. Im guessing I will need some sort of controller for all the fans which is expensive and so are the 4" intake and ex take fans I've been looking at. I was thinking about getting 4x 140 mm fans 1 for intake 1 for ex take and the other 2 inside the box. I was also thinking I could hook them up to this pc fan controller 3.5inch PC HDD CPU 4 Channel Fan Speed Controller Led Cooling Front Panel XB

but could that be easy modified to be able to run from the power point is what I wanna know and is the ventilation system enough? And if that would work what sort of modifications do I do to run it from a power point. Thanks very much I would appropriate it if I could acquire some help. :)
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