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Help advice needed


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pls help.

So my lady has been polinated like 2 3 weeks ago.
She is the only Plant i got now. she was ever a hermie.

my plant is at about 9 week of flowring (sativaish). i can see TONS of Seed sites.

This question is for EXPERTS.

Do the seeds Grow INSIDE the CALYXes in the cola and the rest of the buds?!?!? ! will it fuck everything up?

cause the trichroms are still clrear. some people told me that the plant will put a 50 50 effort on making seeds and THC (more trichromes) and some told my CHOP IT DOWN NOW!! cause the plant is 100% spending its energy on making seeds.

pleaseeeeeeeee answer theses 2 Q's ONLY if u know what ur talking about


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Start pucking the seed sites out, do it carefully to make sure you don't burst any.
Seed sites are normally at the node sites of the bud.

It really depends on how bad your plant has stressed and how many seed sites you have.
Do you have any milky trichomes?
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