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Help, advice or both?


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Im Billy, in my mid 50s with 25 years experience in horticulture. I worked as a consultant for many nurseries and think selling starters in 2" to 4" flats may be where I fit in the industry. I retired from the business after the housing bubble bust in the mid 2000s. I work in social media now after going back to school to study digital arts. But my boss today just walked in and said he wants to grow MJ on ten acres he has in Imperial County CA. He wants to know if I would do it for him? He is excited about the passing of prop 64 but Im not sure what it means to new growers? I have been what I call a shadow member here for years meaning I read but never comment and mostly about things other than growing or the business end. I dont know if this is the place to ask or if anyone can tell me where to start my quest? It is a sandy soil but he also owns a crystalline mine that is a compositions of 85% MMT and 15% Gypsum so aggregating the soil and increasing cation exchange will be a piece of cake. There is both well water and current county water lines. But what do I do now as far as paper via state and county? Is there a need for starters for home use? Or should we start with field row? Thanks in advance for any advice you have!
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