Help! Am I going to lose my kids?

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I live in SC, where weed is still illegal, even for medical use. My nephew, who lives with us, got in trouble with the law, and when he went to court, he told his public defender that my husband and I smoke and drink excessively. We do smoke, hubby more than me, but the drinking isn't excessive. I smoke 3-4 hits from a pipe in the evening 4-6 times a week, and have for several years. The public defender told the judge they thought he should order a DSS investigation, so he did. We've been told we have to take drug tests within the next week or so, and i doubt we will pass. Does anyone know if the state of SC removes children from a home for parental marijuana use?


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I wouldn't worry about that, you need to find out if it's a hair test or a piss test and read about how to pass them. If it's a piss test just substitute. If it's a hair test there are ways to pass it. All the information you need is on this forum under drug testing section I believe.


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I am so sorry to hear of the predicament you are currently facing. Personally I have never been in your predicament, though the advice above would be a good start. I would also (and this pains me to say) be checking into getting legal advice from a professional. It is always best to cover all your bases ahead of time, then to try and scramble a good defense after the fact.
I wish you the best of luck.


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For sure find out what drug test will be used then Ace the tests with the appropriate measures.

Personally I would do EVERYTHING in my power to pass the tests , read read read until your confidence in passing the test is strong.

Find examples that work and replicate them

Its frightening to think they will take Children away from their Parents for cannabis use.

Child grabbing should not be so easy for them , its a disgusting really and those laws need to be challanged and changed.

My prayers are with you
I had a drugs test and passed it , mine was a hair sample as their to most accurate , I died my hair and used coal tar shampoo every day and within a week it was out of my hair . Urine sample will be clear in 4-7 days with the right help . I live in the uk and was going to have my son taken off me If the drugs test came bk positive so I stopped smoking it for a week and done everything possible to pass it , hope you do pass it
Yes. That's the short answer. You will lose your kids, at least temporarily. We are dealing with this now, in SC, and it's too soon to say how this will end up, but for the moment, I have guardianship of my grand, because his parent was accused (by the other parent, in hopes of securing a win in a pre-planned attack for child custody) of smoking with the child in the house.
DSS went to the school, interviewed the child, then showed up at the parent's home, with a Deputy in tow, searched the home, found paraphernalia and a small amount of weed on the room mate, who was issued a ticket. The initial period of removal from the home is 45 days. At first it was stated that the grand could return home as soon as the parent could "pee clean", but then, the supervisor got involved and said the child has to stay away for the full 45 days.
The parent was required to do a urine and hair test, however, the room mate, who was actually the only one in possession, only had to do a urine test. The parent has been assigned to a drug treatment center, for classes, as well, as part of the "plan" of cooperation with DSS.
The parent, my child, smokes to alleviate anxiety, depression, insomnia and adult onset epileptic seizures, and does not respond well to anxiety or depression meds, and it works.
I find it absurd that marijuana is prescribed for these issues in so many places, widely accepted as a viable and scientifically proven remedy, and is LEGAL in several states already, and yet can result in a child being removed from the parent, to the point of not being ALLOWED to be alone with one's own child, without supervision. How ridiculous is that?
In addition to this already ridiculous situation, the other parent also accused ME because they gave me temporary guardianship, instead of him, so now, I ALSO have to go test. No problem, but it definitely gives validity to my response, this IS, like it or not, a custody dispute, however much DSS would like to say they do not invest themselves in such.
I recommended to this parent to look for advocacy groups who are pushing for further legalization, to see if they know of any legal options, solutions, arguments, or even pro bono attorneys who could step in and help in navigating this situation.
In the meantime, the parent is, of course, fully cooperative with the DSS caseworker and "Safety Plan", to minimize the length of time that DSS has control over this family. If anyone here has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I hope your case has already been closed and life has returned to normal. Merry Christmas.
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Taking your kids a way for smoking weed??!!! Jeeezzz.. my thoughts are with you both and hope all goes well.
Since it is legal in so many places...(states) how could they be so harsh in others?
ANd yes, the nephew.. is a big BIG A-hole.
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