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Help asap - First time grower


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I would not cut anything off of that plant right now!! Put I on 24 hrs of light until you get a timer and your room is 100% light proof. That means even the little red light on the powere strip. In a month she will be in shape to produce alot more. I have found a re-veg will root faster if you try to clone also.

I allready did :(
not much, look at the pics

this is how much i took off (12grams)


this is how it looked before


this is after


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so after a couple of days of nonestop light and food this is how my plant is looking. i was able to harvest half an Oz. of bud.. ive never seen a plant grow like this..

can i have some opinions please



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She is looking great now! Nice beautiful hues in the leaves and everything. Keep that girl supported, she'll need to thicken that stem quite a bit.

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There's two reasons for the growth. One is you fed the plant and the other is when you remove healthy leaves or other healthy parts of a plant it will attempt to replace what was lost somewhere on the plant. Healthy leaves are sort of a combination of solar cells and factories. They are sugar factories that turn light into chemical energy. They are used to power metabolism and build tissue by combining them with nitrogen and phosphorous to make amino acids and proteins. When an operational 'factory' is lost needed elements are lost and in short supply so the plant will attempt to 'rebuild' the factory. Not always in the same location, but somewhere on the plant.
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