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Hi guys I am growing a plant outdoors in a bag. It started flowering a couple of weeks ago. However, in the past few days I started noticing that the buds (which are already flowering) are developing some ball like things. It is rather big (unlike sacs) and I was wondering if someone here could help me identify it. I could not find any answers on the internet. Thanks in advance!


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Looks like a seed pod.Might of been some pollen floating about. Went in my tent other day and my GG4 had popped a pollen sack i never saw HOPING i got it out with not to much damage.But got a chance i crossed a GG4 with bruce banner and blue sherbet.And just the one sack i double checked strange things happen. ;)



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Thank youuuuu. This is only my second time growing and I may have panicked a little :p (the first time around my plant didn't have seed pods).


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it happens and happened to me this year a week or 2 in like you, pull them off, look on low parts of branches, older growth, should be there, pull em off like i did and it may stop like it did for me

however, my seeded calyx's showed up on the the lower/older nodes

i also have a male plant that i removed the male pollen sac clusters(male flowers) as they developed and it started to produce female flower, a pre cola, on 1 branch so far

its obvious to me from these 2 experiences that removing flowering parts makes the plant produce the opposite sex flowers in order to produce seeds in the end

pretty fascinating to me;)

heres my male (transvestite) Tangie cookies from bc bud depot
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