Help! Banana leaves in my glue


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First time posting. I am new to gardening, on my second run. My first run went pretty well. 5 plants, two lights, fox farm base3, beastie bloom,and cha-ching. Noticed a couple of bananas about week 8, so I took them down. Figurd it was heat stress(upper 80s), I know way to hot. Still turned out pretty dank for my first try. So this time I turned my 2, 1000watt lights to down to 750,not enough power space for a/c. I steped up to 9 plants and used the full fox farm nutrient chart. Plants looked beautifully green. At week 8 looks like little seeds may be forming definitely more bananas. I really want to go 1-2 more weeks the trichomes are still milky not amber. I want higher cbd. Any help on what to do now and how to prevent the re-occurrence is greatly appreciated!


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Welcome to :420: bestmason. You could have a light leak, a pilot light on a fan or other device in the tent, or it might be genetics. You didn't say if it was bag seed or if you bought from a seed bank, but if bag seed from commercial mj that could be it.. I hope you figure it out. :)
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