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Help,Blood donation Question


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hey guys i got a question, at my skool their doin a blood drive next week n i was goin 2 sign up. but then i though that they might reject my blood because i smoke? im not shure but sumone was sayin that they probly wouldn't take it.....it anybody could help me id really appreciate it:allgood:


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dunno, but interested to know if they would. :51: never given blood buy would think about it if I knew the answer to that question. I know plasma centers require you to pass a urinary analysis.


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With the need for blood being so extreme, i doubt they would care if you were a pot smoker, the screening is usually to filter out nasty diseases that can be passed on through the blood. That's at least the case in Australia, really dont know much about the American system sorry.

The Mad Toker

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At least in Canada they dont as far as I know. I've given blood many times when I did smoke and never had a problem. Hell I bet whoever got my blood was in a better mood afterwards.


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I smoke all day every day, and I've given blood a number of times including pretty recently. They don't ask you about drug use except for IV drugs, and they definitely won't reject blood because the donor smokes. Trust me, they need blood waaaaaaay too bad right now to turn away donors because they smoke weed.


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I'm sure if you told them you smoked, they'd ask you not to donate, but I doubt they go through the time and money of checking. I know after a surgery or major accident, I'd rather wake up with a little THC in my system than not:smoke2:
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