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Help choosing - 2nd Grow

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There are so many to pick from I'm like a kid in a candy shop! My first grow is only 15 days in to flowering, but I'm ready to begin planning my next one. This time, being my first, I just got free seeds from friends who had been saving them so I have no known strains. However, on the second go around I would like to have a little more knowledge of what I'm putting in my soil. I'm growing indoors in a 8' x 6' x 5' (estimated to bottom of the lights) room w/ 2x 600w adjustable MH/HPS ballasts. The lights are on a winch so I can raise them up and down if needed.

Being a noob grower and not really having much knowledge of strains, I'm here looking for advise. I'm not certain I'm looking for something specific, just something strong with a decent yield I suppose. I would like to grow from seed again as I know of nowhere to get clones and I believe I'd learn more from seed. I think I read somewhere that NL was a good beginner strain. I also had some Chemdog one time and I liked it, but there seems to be a lack of options on where to get it.

I saw some seeds for NL x Big buds which just sounds nice. Anyone have any experience with these?
NL is a good strain for beginners. I just grew one. I vegged it for 2-3 weeks (from seed) and during the strech in the flowering period it didn't get any taller than 60 cm. Good yield too. Not too smelly.

Other good yielders that stays low and flower fast, perfect for impatient beginners, are hashplant and different varieties of afghani (e.g skunk #1, shiva skunk and the likes), classic genetics, easy to grow, very good yields. Google for seed shops, go to seed finder dot eu or just go straight to herbies (! Buy Cannabis Seeds - Worldwide Delivery - Herbies Marijuana Seeds).
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Right on. Thanks for your input. Anyone have a suggestion on how to order seeds? What methods do people use to remain anonymous? Don't really want to have them coming to my house under my name.
Hey man just want to let you know iv got seeds from soooo many different places and do not have problems often at all. my suggestion if your worried about your name is have it sent under a different name but to your address and just put a sticker with the new name on your mailbox and they will leave the package. or have it sent somewhere else like a friends house if thats an option. Now as far as strains go I would go with white widow. its a very easy to grow durable strain. Id also suggest going to spliff seeds they have bronze silver and gold sections for their seeds. If you get the white widow from the gold section its grows from seed to harvest in 10-11 weeks at most and it is not an autoflower. I got one germinating now but have read reviews and hear it really is a quick strain but still gives a great yeild. Im pretty sure the sensible seed company carries this version of spliff seeds white widow as well and they are an awesome company to buy from. you get your package real fast and they do stealth things such as having the seeds be mixed in with a bunch of craft beads so its very safe. Im still fairly new to growing so I know how ya feel with all the questions. If you ever need any help with anything at all id be happy to guve you a hand add me as a friend and send me a PM any time. good luck!