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Help! Diy ezcloner doing weird stuff


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Hey everyone. This isnt a garden threatening emergency. But it sure would be nice to figure out my problem. Would make everything run much smoother...
SO i have made a 35 site diy ezcloner. Holds round 7.5 gal of water. 18 mister sites. and is making great roots in about 6-8 days on 100% of the clones ive put in there. No brown. All white clean healthy roots.
Im doing 45 degree cuts. Im cutting vertically up the stem in a couple of spots. there is one set of nodes under the neoprene collars. and the clones are about 4-6 inches tall. i add 10ml thrive alive and dunk the stems in clonex gel. as well as spray them with a light thrive alive dosage..
I have also recently placed a humidity dome over them in hopes that will hel fix the problem. The temps are around 84F 46% RH. Not sure about water temps.. With ph at 6.0

The cloner is obviously working, but thats not my problem...
My problem however lights in what is happening above the neoprene collars. Everything is gravy for the first couple of days. Then like the plague, the leaves begin to yellow, and even die. Wilting like crazy etc etc.
From my research reading around. I have found that possibly a timer might be a good thing to add. Maybe do 15min off 30 minutes on? Or should i get a smaller time timer? 5min off 10 minutes on?
Also I think the humidity dome should help things some. But i just cant seem to figure out how to keep the leaves and growth on my clones healthy and alive...
Of the first 18 clones i took. I placed the best 11 into soil. and they have turned around, with vibrant green growth and perked right up. But I would rather be able to transplant without having to bring them back to health..

Any hel would be greatly appreciated and met with reps!
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