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Help - Do I have enough time?


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So I'm new to growing and I've been trying to figure out if the maximum time I have to grow for my summer break before I head back to college is enough. The maximum time I have for growing is 4.5 months and I also need to dry and cure during that time(I can burp the jars at college). I also have to start my plants while I'm still in classes so I can only water the young plants 3 to 4 days a week for the first month. I'll drive back and water them on my long weekends (no Friday classes). I have to grow outdoors, but the spot I have found has plenty of sunlight and accessible water so I am not worried about growing conditions. I chose northern lights for my strain because it seems conducive to my scenario (fast growing and good yield).

So I guess I'm asking:
  • Do I have enough time?
  • Will my young plants die if I cant water them that much?
  • Is there a better strain to choose?
  • Is there a fast drying process that will not harm my final product?
  • Sorry if this is a mouthful. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry if there are posts like this I'm new to forums in general, and I looked it up and couldn't find anything like my situation.

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Re: Help...Do I have enough time?

Hi The Double,

I'd seriously look into some Auto-Flowering feminized seeds. There some seeds out there that only require 60 days from start to finish. From what I have seen, they produce on the average about an ounce per plant. There are some fast curing methods available in some of the threads I have read.

The feminized seeds would be my only choice though, even though they cost more. You wouldn't want to risk regular seeds, they have to be sexed & while you are gone if a male is present he'll end up pollinating the potential females and also due to your time constraints the Auto Feminized the very best choice. Outside, you'll probably get more than an ounce per plant.

You can get Northern Lights as Autos!

Good luck and Happy Growing.
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