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Help! Do you pH after mixing nutrients?


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First grow here...I use General Organics nutrients, I grow in soil. I begin with a gallon 6.0 pH Poland Springs drinking water, (it's already 6.0 but I check anyway) I mix in my nutrients as directed on the box. The gallons I mix generally sit a few days and I feed when necessary.

My question is, am I supposed to be checking pH after mixing in the nutrients? I called G.O and they said no, not necessary.
Now I'm hearing I should be checking pH after I mix the nutrients in the water too. Do the nutrients change the pH of my 6.0 water?

any help would be appreciated


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check your ph after you add your nutrients, then correct if required.
You should mix the proper amount of nutrients, and not leave excess sitting. They can lose their effectiveness, and do all types of horrible things when left alone to mingle in your gallon jug =p


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The nutes I use drastically drop the ph of my res.

I mix the nutes, wait about an hour and then adjust PH. I use the old school test kit with drops instead of a mirror. When the water is piss yellow, your right at 6.0.


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Thank You for answering so quickly!

I guess I've been given incorrect info right along.
I tried using the pH kit, the drop method, but I thought with the nutrients turning the water a brownish color, the test would be inaccurate.
(I'll have to buy a pH tester)
So that coupled with the suggestion from General Organics, I decided not to test after mixing.

I was also premixing my nutrients and letting them sit for days, before using.

This is such a learning experience. I'll get on the right track now!


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If you use PH perfect Nutes generally you don't have to PH, but its always good to PH just to eliminate a variable when it comes to troubleshooting


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Get a ph meter,Cheap, Amazon, ebay under 20. check after you fert. I made that mistake already. I mix a gallon jug with ferts as that what the directions call for in most ferts in America.
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