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Help for 1st timers - Gauge Steel's lessons learned

Gauge Steel

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Some things I would do differently if I would have know better. Not in any order.

1) I should have germed one feminized seed from the get go. My box is too small for anything more than one well cared for plant unless you have a strain that is special for those conditions.

2) I should have topped lightly. I defoliated way too much and did not get this plants full potential. I will never defoliate as much as I did ESPECIALLY during flower. It probably was the most destructive thing I did to her and it surely shows.

3) Pushed the nutes way too hard. I won't push this Green Crack strain as hard as I did again. I seriously would back off like a third. My nute mfg, at full nutes said 2200 ppm ish. I won't go above 1200ish again.

4) I would have liked to have left her in veg at least six weeks instead of four, however I am up against a hard date in June so it is what it is.

5) I clipped alot of the under canopy sucker growth (tiny little branch things growing near the base) off and left a bunch of the popcorn buds on thinking​ they would fill in and make huge tutenkomen style buds. They did not. However they might have if I would not have dicked up points 2,3 and 4. I know now if I would have clipped the lower popcorn, the top buds on each stalk would have probably been much bigger. Weights weight, so who knows.

6) $100 lighting produces $100 results. I love my Mars reflector 48. It is going to make a great veg light for my 2 veg 2 flower perpetual grow. But if you want gargantuan flowers, do not remove all her leaves and feed her large amounts of quality light. Results prove you can do fine with 30 watts per square ft.

7) if you are considering a grow box, because you think your going to be stealth and grow weed in your closet, you won't. You are going to turn that room into a grow room Eventually because the only thing gooder than smoking weed is growing it, smoking it and talking and showing everyone about your girls here on 420. Consider a tent. You will want the extra room. Trust me.

I'm not going to double post my pics but you can see my struggles at the link below.
Start a journal help a fellow grower out.

No smell, no tell, no sell.

Gauge Steel


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Hi there. Some good advice


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Hey Gauge, glad you posted this. Maybe we can all add some of our "don'ts" and "ooops's"
Here is my contribution:

* Keep an eye on your timers. They have a way of reprogramming themselves when you aren't looking :)

* If growing more than one strain, don't assume the same feeding/watering schedule works for both.

* Be aware of light leaks during flower for photoperiods. Be on the safe side. I have learned to cover my tents at lights out with a blanket, especially around the door zippers.

Best wishes all with your grows :cheer:
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