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help for low income ATP holder


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I dont read well or understand what i read ....however if you keep sentances short an in laymans terms an attach alot of diagrams i will get it done proper,...I guess what Im asking is can anyone help me ....I have grown in soil pruned or topped ...determined sex an have even grown outdoors however after my last crop disappearing from the yard... internal theft im sure....Has left me wanting to bring my medicine indoors for security as now i am having to purchase my meds now till I can produce another...I have never grown without soil ...i understand how it works i think ...but do not wish to buy all needed ...I am handy with my hands an have many tools ...but expertise I am lacking plus my inability to read for long periods of time ....my eyes then losing intrest an starting over again is very frustrating...pictures or diagrams make that all go away

Thanking you all in advance MROWL


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Will you be using the same strain that you grew outdoors?How big is the grow area? What type of light are you using?Using soil indoors is never a problem. Just use a good mix like any of the Foxfarm or Sunshine soils.
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