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Help get Ed Rosenthal's case dismissed!


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Write a letter today requesting that the U.S. Attorney drop the case

Despite a recent vindictive prosecution ruling and the dismissal of numerous charges against author and medical marijuana activist Ed Rosenthal, the government appears as though it will continue to re-try him at great cost to the public. The persecution of Rosenthal and this gross misuse of taxpayer money must be stopped. Please write a letter today to U.S. Attorney Scott Schools, urging him to stop the senseless re-prosecution of Rosenthal. The next court appearance for Rosenthal is April 13, so letters should be drafted and sent soon in order to arrive before then.

Rosenthal was recently re-indicted after his 2003 conviction was overturned in April 2006 by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. After finding out that medical marijuana evidence had been excluded from the 2003 trial, a majority of the jurors that convicted Rosenthal recanted their verdict. Due at least in part to public outcry, Rosenthal was sentenced to one day in jail. The government was relying on the new charges of tax evasion and money laundering to justify the second prosecution of Rosenthal, but federal judge Charles Breyer dismissed those charges on March 9, 2007, based on vindictive prosecution by the government.

With an admission in court by the U.S. Attorney that it would not seek additional punishment beyond the one-day sentence Rosenthal was given after being convicted at his first trial, the prosecution has little reason to proceed with the case. Unfortunately, even though the remaining marijuana charges against Rosenthal are virtually identical to those pursued against him in his prior 2003 trial, the government does not appear to be giving up. Review the sample paragraphs below to draft a letter to the U.S. Attorney's office.

Draft Letter
Please use the following as a guide for writing your letter to U.S. Attorney Scott Schools:

Paragraph 1 -- Introductory paragraph explaining who you are and the reason for writing; that the remaining charges against medical marijuana advocate Ed Rosenthal be dismissed.

Paragraph 2 -- Describe how Rosenthal's re-prosecution is an outrageous waste of taxpayer money, and that the government should reconsider its continued prosecution of medical marijuana providers such as Rosenthal.

Paragraph 3 -- Describe how Rosenthal has established good faith in his effort to bring medical marijuana to sick patients, and how Rosenthal lacked criminal intent based on his compliance with state law.

Paragraph 4 -- Urge U.S. Attorney Scott Schools to appeal to reason and drop the case against Rosenthal. Ask for a reply.

Sign and date the letter, and provide a return address. If possible, please type your letter.

Fax and mail a copy of your letter to:

U.S. Attorney Scott N. Schools
450 Golden Gate Avenue, Box 36055
San Francisco, CA 94102
Fax: 415-436-7234

Thanks for your help!


Kris Hermes
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