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Help Getting Shed Ready for 2015/Rid of Spider-mites from 2014


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Hi Everyone.
Apologies if this has been covered in previous thread, but I haven't found one yet.

I had a really good grow going in 2014. Then I went to Colorado, came back and was a bit lazy
and I got nailed for it with spider-mites. I learned a lot about how to deal with them when really
it is too late. I want to figure out what to do for the next grow, so I won't run into this again or
at least I can attempt to mitigate it.

Once all of my plants were out of the shed I cleaned and bug bombed it twice.
I forgot which bug bomb it was and I did it more out of anger and frustration then anything else.

My plan is to throw out everything I possibly can and start from as near scratch as I can.
I already have taken out all of the pots out, dirt and cleaned it up a bit.
In previous years I would kind of leave the room as it was until mid-March.

I have unused rolled carpet that I was cutting up into squares and using to avoid wetting and
staining the wood in the shed and I think I should even toss the unused roll.

Actually, I'm considering tossing the lights, outlets, extension cords. Am I going too far?

In setting up for 2015 I was wondering what I could do ahead of time.
Am I wasting time and money doing any more bombing?
Should I really toss like everything?
Are there any plants I can grow along with my bus next year that will help thwart
mites from returning? Can I really buy ladybugs online and is that a practical idea
in a decent sized shed? Should I use mothballs during the downtime? Are they OK while growing
(I've seen some conflicting opinions) Would switching lights help? Do they like LED less than CFL?
Would more airflow help at all?

To add insult to injury I cleaned and brought my aerogarden in the house from the shed
and started a little crawlspace grown and I think I have mites there now too.

Any advice, opinions, suggestions are welcome and apologies for the length.
I'm burning through my CO purchases when I thought I'd have more to offset
from the home grow and if you can't tell a it anxious

Happy New Year!


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A really good solution is to get predatory mites and lady bugs. You can have the mites shipped to your door. Other than that you need a clean grow room and maybe some homemade pest killer. I've read somewhere that really high humidity can also kill them off


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last year I ordered 18000 ladybugs for about 70 dollars on the first of August. Enough to release some everyday through the end of September. They will control mites for sure. You will never be mite FREE outdoors. I started the season by spraying entire area and greenhouse with sprays and sprayed veging plants . also bombed once. all together it worked. I love my ladybugs. They like a drink ,so I would mist them once in a while and they come out and do their happy dance when I did.
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