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Help! Green is fading to yellow

So. I am about two months into veg and was looking to switch to flower in the coming days
However one of my plants seems to be sick. I am using 2 300 watt galaxy hydro led lights. And I'm growing in fox farm ocean. Alternating between regular ph'd water and general organics go box for nutrients. I have been following the late veg instructions for feedings. 8ml of biothrive grow, 4ml cal mag, 6ml bioroot, and 2ml bioweed to every gallon of water. I try to keep all three of my plants on the same schedule. I've had them all in veg on 24hr light cycle for 2 months now. Anyway. One of the plants seems to be losing its color. I've noticed a few leaves seems to be shriveling up or drying out. But not on the whole plant. I'm thinking maybe it's getting rootbound? I'm using the bottom half of a 5 gallon bucket that I cut. I hadn't intended to veg for so long, but came across some other issues with my other plants throughout the grow and wanted to wait until they were all healthy to switch to flower. Any input would be great. The pics are a couple days old. Will upload some more tomorrow!

She's only gotten yellower. I raised my leds today. Hoping that helps. Otherwise I'm thinking magnesium deficiency or maybe rootbound?


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Fox Farms ocean forest does not require any nutrients during veg as per their information on the bag.

Chances are very good that you've dropped the soil ph below 6.5 resulting in lockout of nutrients, causing the yellowing.
Flush soil with pH 7.0 water and test the runoff. It should read 6.5-7.0. (Fox Farms is ph balanced to 6.5-7.0.) That ph should be maintained for the duration of your Grow.

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