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Help growing outdoor using clones?


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I live in northern cali and was wonderin what kind of schedule do u run when using clones from indoors to outdoors? Do i keep them indoors under light 24/7 til they grow atleast a foot tall then put them in shaded light for 12hrs a day then bring them back in under light for 12hrs? Any1 know the transition?


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Re: Help growing outdoor using clones??

Well friend welcome to the community, Im an indoor gardener myself so idk if i can be too much help here, but you can do 3 differn't cycles that i can think of outside.

First one being let it go with the season, just put it outside and let it do its thing and depending on where its genetics are from and how much sativa/indica will determine when it will finish.

Second you can flower it like you would a normal plant on a 12/12 cycle put it outside in direct sunlight for 12 hours and put it in complete darkness for 12.

Third, just another form of the second put your plant in direct sunlight, as much as you can get make sure no shade hits it for this one. put it in the sun for 10-11 hours and in the dark for 13-14 i would suggest 11 hours of light for most plants with 13 hours of darkness. this is called force flowering and will make your plant finish a couple weeks sooner but you will take a hit on your yield but not quality.

Hope this helps out and i know that there is a lot more people that are more knowledgeable about this in our community


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Re: Help growing outdoor using clones??

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