Help guys! Frost last night! Will my plants die?

Guerilla Dr

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Ok, so it definitely froze last night because there was a frost on the cars when I went out at 7:30am this morning. What I want to know is how these freezing temps will effect my plants? I currently have 3 Sativa dominant strains in the ground outside. I actually thought about pulling them a few days ago, but figured they needed another week or two to finish so I decided to leave them in the ground seeing as the forecast only gave a frost RISK for one night (last night), and the next 7 days are predicted to be a lot warmer with no nighttime frosts...

Anyway, it rained a lot during the day yesterday and then at night the clouds disappeared causing the temperature to drop below freezing. It was more along the lines of frozen water droplets and a thin layer of frost on the cars, certainly not a hard frost, but still a frost nonetheless so it must have got down to at least 0C / 32F last night. According to my local weather station it only got down to 0.8C / 33F last night, but where I live, we are in a slightly more rural spot so I suspect the temperature out here may have got down to around -1C / 30F, possibly, but that would be at the very worst. I suspect it was right around the freezing mark (32F). I kept an eye on the local weather station last night and it was reporting 3.5C / 39F at 2am so it couldn't have got down to freezing until around 4/5am and then the ice was all gone by 8am this morning meaning the frost would have only lasted a few hours, maybe 4 at the most. So what I want to know is...?

- Can cannabis plants survive frost?
- What damage can I expect from the frost?
- Will the heavy rain during the day make the nighttime frost more damaging/extensive?

(P.S. It is forecast to be clear and sunny today with highs of 18C / 66F).

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Morning Guerilla

The chance of a single frost doing any real damage to your girls is pretty nil. They are a pretty resilient plant and can withstand some quite harsh conditions :) I have some unknown Sativas growing in my yard now that have already survived a number of frosts although I am not sure they will survive long enough to actually produce much bud, last check I figured they would need to go into mid-Nov sometime to finish up properly.

Be more concerned about frost occurring a number of days in a row or times dipping below freezing and staying there for a day or 2


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And I worry if my tent dips below 60? Never herd of life after frost. I always chopped and hung if there was anything left in the ground after a freeze. Especially if the buds had been rained on first! Huh.


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It depends on the actual temperature that it got down to. Some strains can deal with 32f/0c, but I wouldn't even risk it personally. Think about the process of making bubble hash. The trichomes are frozen in order to knock them off the plant material and to knock the heads off the stems. So basically, in freezing weather, if any part of your plant is rubbing up against anything, it will be knocking trichomes off. I would pull them asap to prevent that from happening, if it hasn't already.


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Granny used to put a sheet over her plants when frost was called for.

Gramps came along right behind her, picking up those sheets till he had enough to head on over to the 'ol outhouse! :reading420magazine::ciao:
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