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Help! Heavy smoker needs help to pass


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I've been smoking heavy for about 5 years now, i need to pass a hospital drug test, im not the skinnest individual i want to know if these detox drinks or pills work for a Hospital Drug test. i need this job and ive stopped for about a week and i know for sure that it wont be clean for months. Please help!!!! :thanks:


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Hello m8 not sure if you got sorted already or not but if your still in a jam , flush out with with plenty of water approx 2-4 liters over 2 hours In the morning once down to the last liter add 3-4 spoons of creatine , slow down drinking this last bit once u have half it gone just sip and as long as uve had a few pisses already youl be sweet ,**** this will only cover you for that morning **** and it's possible they might say you gave a diluted sample when they see the clear piss but I counter that with saying we're required to stay well hydrated + I drank plenty of water to ensure I could provide a sample I then ask them to try anyway , they will usually strip test it for creatine and it'll be sweet They assume your good , if you use water alone there will be no creatine in ur sample and they test it for that reason, aswel as temp and the drugs I'd advise u try it out the night b4 first cause if you take too much creatine you'll Your brains out for a few hours , I'm only 5,4 78kgs and that recipe there worked for me even whilst I was stoned and I was in the main clinipath everytime, good luck bud let's hope you get this and you've passed already , it'll come in handy for the future either way cause a lot of those masking drinks change the color of the urine and they flag it for a more strict test Bk in the lab ,, synthetic urine is good option too be clear , and there's another 1 looks almost identical its something clear aswell yellow box roughly $50 just don't know if you will be supervised or what ,,, we always were and it was the lab girl who told me how they test it and y ,,,
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