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Help. How can I save this baby?


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I'm not sure what is going on here. Can I save this? My other plants are fine. It's just this one.


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Its an outdoor plant. I used regular no added nutrient soil to pot it, but I used a little bit of miracle grow when watering them and we just had 3 days straight of pouring rain. I guess this on got too much of something.


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To save you the head ace and to get a better end product stay away from MG. It's not suited well for cannabis And growers often run into problems using it .


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remember Miracle NOOOOOOOO next time , did you use full strength its strong and not many growers like it at all from what ive read . , give them good old flush plain water , check your ph in soil and ph of your rain water , i remember my rain being of the scales once , if its given rain to be heavy tie a plastic bag around your pot so your not getting as much rain into you pots, or even put a dome over the young plants like a large plastic bottle end , good luck:thumb:
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