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HELP! I Broke the top off my Plant


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hello..1st time posting here!! well i am 12 days into flower and the plants are doing great, but i completely ran out of room to raise my light (600 hps) in my closet grow...i know, i didnt plan correctly and vegged way too long. so i decided to train down and super crop the main colas and upper shoots. when i was bending one down, it snapped completely off!!..about 4 inches down. so i used a blade and re-cut the stem just below the break at an angle and am not sure whats gonna happen. it was one of the main cola tops. i only topped the plant once in veg but i ended up with 3-4 main tips that are equal is size and height that will become the colas. so the other tops/tips are still there. what damage have i done and what should i expect to see?? Also..since i am only 2 weeks into flower and i have maybe 3 inches of extra room to raise lights, what can i do to combat this issue since i have painted myself in a corner?? 1st time closet grow so be gentle on the comments, ok?..lol
Re: HELP!! I Broke the top off my Plant

I think you've got a couple more weeks of stretch left so you kinda might be screwed with only three inches of room left. There are products out there that limit or stop stretch. The breaking isnt that big of a deal as far as health of the plant, it'll heal up quick.
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