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Help I have a question!


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Hello Buddhamel here, first and foremost thank you my fellow growers who answer my call of help before. Thank you so very much!!! Here's my question for the next grow how many seven gallons smart pots should I put in my 4x4x7 grow tent. Two or three because right now for my current grow I'm using four. Which is cause some problems mainly lack of space. Had to cut away lower branches for space and the light wasn't reaching them. And because I didn't realize when they was in the veg stage how big and tall they would grow. Had to chop of the top colas. Because they grow past the light. So I'm thinking do I try the seven gallons smart pots or go back to the three gallons smart pots again. Using for my light 600 watts hps with my Revolt ballast which is a good ballast. Please give me a idea.


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Some pictures would make it a lot easier to help. Also what strains are you growing, are they very bushy?
If your top cola is growing past the light your gonna wanna look at doing some training
LST training will help keep the height down.

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always keep in mind that 3 plants with plenty of room to grow can produce the same amount or more than 4 cramped plants . plus it cost u less in nutes ..:goodluck:
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