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Help: I have to move two DWC plants in flower


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I have to move house in a few days and probably the least amount of time it will take from tent to tent is 12 hours with a 6 hour drive.

I am aware I can do several things to try reduce damage to my plants but i may not be able to set them up in their own tank in the back of the van.

What options do I have for keeping the roots sufficiently wet, aerated ? Some solution in bag tied around the stem and kept upright in a bucket ?

What can I cover the folaiage with (plastic bag) and what are the implications if water droplets start building up ?

I may be able to fit the plants into clear plastic boxes with a few holes in them...


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Yeah, cover in black plastic. battery airstone is good idea. Throw a few cap fulls of hydrogen peroxide in there. They will do fine. its the light your worried about. Ya dont wanna mess up that cycle. I've had power outages that have lasted a week. When the lights came back on they were a little light green but bounce right back. I did nothing to air the res in that time so i wouldnt worry about just six hours. Have a safe move.

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Wally World sells bait bucket aerators that run off of batteries, if you think you need to keep them aerated. I would think if you would bag the roots up with some of your water and keep the bagged roots cool in a cooler or something you won't need to worry about aeration. I would be more worried about the small amount of water bag around the roots getting too hot during transport than O2.

Herby Paisley

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I'm curious how did the move go?... I know I'm late in chiming in, but you could always take them off dwc plant them in coco or soil for the ride and then carefully take them back out of the pots and wash the soil or coco off the roots and then put them back on your DWC system at the new house for the remainder of the bloom.
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