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Help I made a mistake


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Hello Buddhamel here again. I accidentally snapped the cola of one my plants. Which is entering the three of blooming. Will the plant survive?

devils letuce

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any pics? u can tape it back together and it will grow most times. is it late in flower?


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A photo would be good .

but for what i know,even if the cola is totally broken, she will survive .

If it just snapped good not totally broken Just use some tuck tape or any wire to fix it.
in the 2 case it will take couple days to recovry.


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Posts some photos my friend. I have snapped several tops. What I think is best is this:
Cut a piece of straw about an inch long.
Cut it down the middle so it can be opened.
Open the straw and place it around the part that is broken
If this doesn't hold it up alone then also add tape or garden wire (I prefer garden wire)
This should keep the cola upright and will make the stem stronger when it repairs.

Good luck


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Thanks CO!

Hey buddy how did it turn out for ya, if it was going to die it would have by now :Namaste:
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