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Help I made a mistake!


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Hello Buddhamel here, I have a question if you cut a top cola off a the plant into the three week of blooming will the plant survive. And if the other plants are growing past the light which happened to be in a 4x4x7 grow tent what can I do.should I let nature takes it course. Help!!

Neil Rothwell

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Re: Help I made a mistake!!!

yes it will, leave her in flower, with any luck the lower buds will pick up the slack a little without the top cola and the yield should be not too shabby.

Can you raise the lights? if not, you could train/bend them over, the stalks may have to be cracked/broke over so that they stay down or you can tie them down. Lastly you could cut them (gasp!) down but this is a last resort after you exhaust all others.

Only problem with stress training in flower is, it will extend the flower period since the plant will need recovery time and may affect the yield in the end.
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