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Help! I think I burned my babies


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So taking some not so good advice, I think I ended up stressing my girls out with heat...I have a 6 CFL set up grow box, the box gets pretty humid and the temp hovers around 83 during the day, so today, I attempted to use all six, usually I start with 2 in the mor n ing and end with four all day, but I decided to use 6 this is what happend. ..

Please help me remedy this problem, it's the older leaves that got burned, the younger leaves are fine....makes me nervous...this is my first grow ever...please help, I've removed the 6 lights and will start with my normal regimine with 2/4 lights on a 18/6schedule. I wet the soil wit a few sprinkles and put on my box fan to suck out the heat over night. .. please any kind of feedback will help


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Yea I have a Fan running now, lights off, it will kill the heat I know, and remaining moisture, u will start with 2 CFL around 4 am and at 10 hit em with 4 again...so it's jus a matter of babying them, and keeping an eye I guess. ..lol damn


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Girls are looking good MurryJuana! Keep on, keeping on!

Be well and happy growing.


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I agree with TanR. The new growth looks very good. As long as you haven't killed the babies, they will recover, and probably with more vigor, now that they have been stressed. Cannibus is pretty hardy and forgiving most of the time.
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