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Help I think I have spider mites


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My second time growing and now I think I have mites. Clones are about 2 months old and have never looked real healthy. The leaves have looked a little yellow spotted, and dull looking now I think there are tiny white bugs on the underside of the leaves. So much info out there not sure what to do. Can I use Safer end all spray? These plants are young and not to hearty. Could this be something else. Did we get these this way, or can they develope this somehow. They have been inside since we purchased them. Does it take awhile for spider mites to infest plants? Any info would be great.:peace:


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Spray away, drench them. If they are rooted, they can handle it. Do it right before lights off, though. If you are at 24 hour light, spray them then turn off lights for abut four hours.

Check the plants with a scope two days later. If any are moving, follow instructions on what you are using for the time frame of spraying again.

If you are bringing in clones from some where else, you should always use miticide and fungicide before bringing them in the grow area.



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Good luck! I purchased a few clones off of a list somewhere and got em. Spray, pray and respray. The little guys life cylce (from what I read) is three days. Even if you kill adults, their eggs, hatch and start all over in three days. So after any treatment recheck.
Make sure you get all parts of your plants, fans enable them to move around also. Myself I use neem oil now on everything, cause its cheap, works and natural (maybe not as good as the SN spray cited already-420 sponsors always have great products).


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Plant Vitality + worked for me.

Also used fruit and veg spray gun with pyrethrins (sp?) which also worked. Make sure is the sort that allows you to eat the fruit and veg after, don't poison yourself please!

Spray with ice water if you can't get the other things immediately.

Do it quick or kiss 'em goodbye!
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