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Help I'm Being Attacked


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Pest. infestation. It’s getting bad. I caught 3/4 different pests today and I don’t know what to do. Organic Grower, so i prefer to use organic products easy on the pockets.

Please help me diagnose these plants and what bugs I am looking at:

Every now and then, i catch black shiny specks that resemble paint splatter on my leaves. Some i can scrape off, but others stain on.
Found a couple webs today also. One looked like a small spider. Also suspecting spider mites.
What exactly am i dealing with??


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Pic1 is spider mites
Pic2 is caterpillars
Pic3 looks like a leaf sucker or gnat
Pic4 looks to be a mite possibly adult?

Im not to sure about organic pesticides though. I do know that you need to get those pests under control though! You don’t want them to hurt your girls to much !!!
Let’s ask more seasoned growers for their input!


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I had a problem with gnats last grow, but it was inside. You can certainly treat your soil with things that will get rid of gnats. They have most likely come from your soil.

Check these two things out on google

Diatomaceous earth will deal with the top of your soil. It's sold on amazon.

Nematodes - couple of different types will kill the larvae and eggs in the soil (they eat them). I used Nemasys Sciarid fly killer (amazon)

I used insecticide on my leaves. I've heard that people use Neem oil. It is a very laborious process.

You need to do everything at once to break their cycle. It will take a couple of weeks.


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What I have been doing for the past few years in my outdoor grows won't help you this year but if you continue growing outdoors I would recommend this. Before or around the time I am putting my cannabis out I plant several varieties of plants that attract beneficial insects. Yarrow, Cosmos, Marigolds and there numerous others. You cant just throw them in the ground once you have an infestation. If you plant them early you will attract parasitic wasps, ladybugs and other predators that will eat spider mites, aphids, white flies. This also helps with vegetable gardens as well. Its not fool proof but all I have had to spray is BT for caterpillars at the end of the season. My plants have been really clean this year. Here's a link where I found some good info.

I know this won't help this season but maybe next year.

Plants That Attract Beneficial Insects


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You can use neem oil as foliar for mites.
You will need to apply several times for this to work.
Also Bacillus Thurigiencis subspecies Kurstaki will work against caterpillars larvae.
If the infestation is big during flowering you can always use a net for plants to keep out all bugs.
Somethink like this.


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Hey guys any way you can help me identify what I’m dealing with?

Shiny black dots on multiple leaves. Some i can scrape off, others are stained.

Also i included this in the first post, but I’m seeing more of these small red seed/egg like things on my plants. Found singular on separate leaves.

To combat my pest, I’m purchasing neem oil and silica, ladybugs, and Mite Predator, Phytoseiulus persimilis - Biological Control of Spider Mites to combat mites. Best to get them early


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I am curious here. Since they are not in flower, can you be more aggressive with a stronger pesticide? If you treated it now, would any of the pesticide show up later when you harvest. Sorry you have this problem to deal with. I am just wondering about it because I am sure I will have this problem some day.
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