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Help in diagnosing what is wrong with my plants


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Hey All,

Have searched various threads on this site and have not seen a plant with the same problems Im encountering. This is only the second time I have grown. First time went pretty well. Currently growing 3 plants - all different strains - all with the same problem. I will start by trying to provide you with the requested information. Please be patient if there is something I dont understand. I am a complete newbee.

Plant 1
Soil grown
Strain - white widow
1 Plant
Vegetative Stage for a month and a half
Grown outdoor in a pot
Regular garden soil used. Have added pearlite and vermiculite
Size of pot - 30cm diameter, 30cm tall
Not sure of PH
No Pests
Watering whenever needed - sometimes once a day due to it being dry (very hot at the moment)
Using Fish Emulsion. Feeding every second day

Plant 2 - Same pot, soil etc. Strain - Double Black
Plant 3 - Strain - Pineapple Express

The problem Im facing is that he plants were growing really well and really quickly until recently. It started with the top leaves. It started off looking as if the top leaves were shrivelled / swashed / wrinkly and that they were not fanning out. Almost seemed as if they were stuck together instead of fanning. The top leaves were also very dark green. This has started happening to all the new leaves not just the top on all the plants. These leaves are also sort of curled inwards and downwards. Not sure how else to explain it. Will attach pics. All plants have starting doing this. Leaves and the bottom have started going yellow. Have checked for pests and root rot and does not seem to be any.

Anyhow will attach pics. Hopefully someone can assist. Thanks in advance for your help.



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Ps - Apologies that the pics are the wrong way around :-( . Let me know if you need additional pics. Thanks


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Definitely not lack of water. The leaves are not shrivelled. They are very moist just not developing and fanning out. I have been checking the water constantly and never let the plant dry out too much. It has been receiving water at least once a day. The top part of the soil is dry and a bit further in its there is some moisture. When growing my first plant I was advised on numerous forums including this one to use fish emulsion. A google search confirms this -The first 3 plants I grew were all on fish emulsion and were perfect.

I was thinking it may be a nitrogen toxicity but not too sure.


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JaxTa can be right nitrogen toxicity,
the lower leaf show need ntrogen i think this plant need a flush(nitrogen lock).

has this pot drainage?????????????????????? probaly rootbound


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Hi Salz. This pot has a average drainage system. A few holes at the bottom of the pot. Good enough for water to come straight through when flushing. I did a flush yesterday actually. Dont think its root bound.

Do you think it may be the soil? Did a soil change recently when changing pots


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if u flush yesterday then wait few days to check the situation.
Nute lock:for me the plant looks deep green upside toxity,downside she look like a defenciy.

i saw the exact same situation on 4 clones last summer in pots outdoor,i had an problem with pest(fungus gnats) to prevent I sprinkled with sand to cover up.
the pest was killed and then the plant had the same simtomes after weeks, i think the soil was too dense(no oxygen for the roots), at this time i havent solved the problem the plant cures after weeks.
U can test an soil change but after an flush the plant is under stress.
If u havent any good pot u can transplant in an woven shopping bag any store has this bags in platic or natural materials(good air flow).
I'm curious what the others say.


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Hiya. Have looked for pests but didn't find any. Starting to think its the soi!. Maybe too dense. However I did mix perlite etc. Plants grew fine on this soil last time. Will trynew soil though. What is your advice in terms of transplant to new pot with new soil after flushing? How long should I wait? Also don't have a pH meter to test so going blind on that


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a sing if the soil is too dense is the plant grows slowly.
most plants love "fluffy" soil.
Test a soil perlit coco mix, or perlite(30%-70%) coco thats wokrs great for me i grown along time in "fluffy" soil, but in the years of growing i saw at the end of grow the soil is too dense erverytime(i test experiment with earthworms for better conditons works fine).
I would only transplant if the plant make an regeneration(new grow or locking better) in time 3-7 days.
I would make an transplant under your conditions with pure coco(without nutes clear with water if its with NKP(rootburn))and Vitamines(B)(support) and auxin(grazing water is free root stimulator hormone(if the plant in veg stage)) in the water once time.
Under extreme dense soil(mud lol)u can rinse and clear all of the soil from the roots but this is hard work and risky.
in soil a PH Meter is not required but it is a good tool to see if there is a problem.


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Thanks for advice and time guys, I do appreciate it...I have transplanted 2 days ago (3 days after flush), not much change to date...soil was dense, and I got a lil' impatient, so i just went for it...I inspected the roots, I did not see anything raising alarms (brownish colour), luckily my wife helped with transplant and she is confirming they looked fine (cause I'm starting to doubt what I saw )..soil unfortunately came with pre - mixed bone meal (only fluffy available), I'm only adding water at this stage and waiting for, I hope, new growth...I can keep you posted if you wish


First time grower here and I had what looks like what's going on with you also. I found my problem was my PH was off. So I filled my watering container added the nutes and then did a PH check. PH after nutes was at 6.0, watered the plants and after a week or so everything was fine. PH for soil should be 5.5-6.5. I read also that you should fluctuate your PH, as in say 5.5 for a watering then a 6.0 and then a 6.5. This gives a bit of range for all the nutes to be used and stops most deficiencies as some nutes get locked out at different PH levels. This is only what I've read and tried, seems to work for me. Growing in soil as well here. You could also Google "Eagles Claw", which it kind of looks like.
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