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Hi All,

My Girlfriend has had chronic ( Haha, no pun) Migraines her entire life. She has been given I think 4 different medications to cure them, they have suggested it is related to Caffeine , but she dropped it, And we generally live a calm and peaceful lifestyle. But she experiences very painful migraines, she cant stop crying because her head feels like its beeing stabbed, and cracked. When we smoke the good herb , it makes her feel better, they pain goes away and her head feels much more relieved. We are interested in trying to get her a card, And we are in the Nor Cal ( Sacramento) Area. Just not quite sure how to take the first step ? Any help is greately appreciated.

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DR Denny is in sac 2

Dr. Philip Denney and Robert Sullivan: now I have ran into good dr's before but denny is one of the best. give him a call.

* 1522 Charles Dr, Redding (530) 242-6784,
* 4709 Engle Rd#5, Carmichael (Sac'to County) (916) 978-9777


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Hey Sweet_Yurples, that's one of the reasons I have my recomendation, " migranes" I hate 'em. They run in my family so I have to deal with it. Other than smoking some good meds, I would suggest the THC pill. Depending on how severe the migrane is sometimes it hurts to smoke. So I pop a pill and all body pain vanishes! There great! You can get them at any club in NorCal! Good luck! :cool027:


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Racefan said:
You can make your own. They go by the name of cannabrex.

Do you have the recipe? I believe Sweet_Yurples was at the stage where he was trying to do it the Cali way for his girl's sake and keep it on the up & up by obtaining a recomendation. In any case I'm sure there are quite a few of us(w/recomendations) here that would love the recipe. :cool027:
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