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Hello, i am growing an green o matic auto for personal medical use. I am on 26 day ( in some days flowering starts )
and i have a problem. 3 leafs are getting yellow only in the edges. I use cfl lighting daylight at 5500 lumens.
My ph is checked and i use organic soil. I believe its a lighting issue maybe because its was to close? Or a nitrogen issue?The thing is that that only 3 leafs have this problem?I am not sure its my first grow. The plant looks healthy and it has signs of flowring already! Can you tell me what you think ? Thanks in advance.


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Organic soil is OK, but doesn't tell us how much food is in there. Do you feed any when watering? Where are you setting your PH?
How close is the light. With an auto you should be on 12/12 all the way. And a picture would help.

Now that she ifs flowering you want more red light like 2700 I don't know what your "daylight" puts out.


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I never fed it due to the soil has enough nutriets for 60 days. The daylights was spectrum 6500k then changed to 2700k for the flowering period. At begining i though its was mg defieciency but there was something that i didnt notice. And that was the ph. The soil had 5.5 ph which its was great for growing BUT due to the table water ( 7.3 ph ) it propably made it increase reaching ph levels of 7 and more. The plant started and became yellow ( leafs and edges were turning up ) then the lower stems and leafs droped down. Unfortunatly the plant died and made me really sad cause lets face it when you grow something with love and dies it hurts.. I will try to be more carefull next time. Btw can you tell me if i use table water again it will raise the ph level should i squize some lime every time to the water to lower the ph ? Thanks in advvance
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