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Help - Is it a Hermie?


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My first grow, and I have four plants in flower.

Pineapple Express
600w HPS
temp - 84f directly under the light
two plants at 5 weeks, two at 4 weeks
all plants have nice white buds growing and look very healthy
getting some yellowing of the fan leaves on the two older plants

the two larger plants at 5 weeks have structures forming at the nodes that could be male parts???

let me know what you think - thanks in advance!

If male should I destroy?



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I'm not sure I see what you are seeing. I can see single calyxes with what appear to be red pistils but no male flowers or "nanners". Keep an eye out for little yellowish-white, banana like protuberances. Google "nanners cannabis" and you will get a bunch of hits with what to watch out for. I think I have a pic of a bud here with a nanner on it. ....


It is bit to the right of center, along the top. little white banana. see it?

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