Help! It's 35F outside right now! Will my plants die?

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Hey guys, so as you can tell nighttime temps are clearly below average lately, and getting dangerously low tonight, but ironically our daytime temps are above average for this time of year. It was 70F / 21C today with clear sunny skies, perfect weather for flowering but the problem here is also having clear skies at night which is causing the temperatures to plummet, and I really mean plummet! I have an outdoor thermometer synched with my iPhone and it has just alerted me to the fact that the outdoor temperature has dropped to 35F / 2.5C and to take immediate precautions to avoid frost damage. 35F! That's a loss of 65F / 18.5C overnight or 92% of the daytime temp which is absolutely CRAZY! Now I'm getting anxious and scared about my plants freezing or dying & don't know whether to go out and cover them over or not, but sunrise is in 1 hour and I don't have any materials at hand to use for cover. I will probably have to get something tho since I have at least another 3-4 weeks of flowering left! Man, fuck the British weather!

I actually wish it was raining or overcast like it usually is this time of year as at least that would keep the temps at 55F / 12C+ plus which is much more manageable. Then again that would encourage bud rot so it really is a catch 22. I can't win either way. Aghh. I'm actually really panicking about this. Months of my hard work could be undone in one night! :(

Anyway my questions are...

1.) Will a mature cannabis plant survive temperatures a degree or two above freezing at night or a light frost even (30-35F) and still shake it off & continue to mature?

2.) What is the coldest nighttime temp a cannabis plant could survive in??

Thanks guys!
It will survive, but that's gonna inhibit her growth for sure, man.
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