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help light problems


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hey i was wondering will 175 watt ENVIROLITE 6400k veg and 200watt ENVIROLITE 2700k will that be enugh for 4 plants thanks


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try this and if its good so u dont need more light buy 3 cool white cfs(blue spectrum) for vegging and at flowering add 4 warm white(red or dark yello spectrum)for budding in addition to ur first ones
cuz i think plants get bigger every day.lol


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^^^Yeah, you need 2500-3000 lumens per sq ft. of grow area minumun. This is why most people eventually go for HID's. more lumen output.


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hi i was wonderin the 125 watt envirolite has a 10.000+ lumen output would i need 2 of them and 2 200 watt envirolite with 14.000 lumen output so total of 20.000 for veg
28.000 for flowr
will that b enough for 4 plants


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3000lumens per square foot minimum was posted 2 posts above your last question. Instead of asking how many lights for 4 plants, you need to figure out the square footage of your room and times it times 3000 to figure out how many total lumens you need! 50watts per square foot is another rule of thumb. The key being..per square foot
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