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Help loose fluffy buds how to get dense nugs?


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ok ive done 4 diffrent grows all of them came out good but just loose no dense nugs and i am tryin to get dense nugs so why does this keep happening i am growing some sativa strains i got from a dispenserie as clones i have them in seprate bubbler systems with the airstones at the bottom of each bucket under a 1000 watt hps light i keep the light 1 foot and 3 inches away from the plants but dont a great vent system the room used to stay around 95 degrees but now i got it down to 77 was i getting loose buds cuz the temp will they be dense now that i lowerd the temp and also the nutes i used the last grows were botanicare organic bloom nutes but now i switched it to advanced nutes sensi grow and bloom will this improve my yeild and make my nugs dense also i just bought advanced nutes big bud
o yeah and this is my first grow that i am keeping track of my ph and i am keeping it at 6.0 could that have also ben a cuase in loose nugs i never did the ph before now thats my setup now should i get bettter nugs now with everthing i swithced


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You took care of your problem when you lowered the temps. The buds were loose because they were trying to keep themselves cool. 95 degree temps will give you loose buds every time. :)



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Sativas some times just take longer to build full buds. 16+ weeks of flower especially outdoor or cfl grows make kill buds.

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Light intensity plays a big part in getting tight nugs. Excess heat will cause fluffy buds as well. This is due to them trying their best to stay cool so they stay fluffy. A proper feeding / watering schedule is really important for tight nugs. Last but not least is very good air flow. Without going into massive detail the big 4 are very important to dial in. Once you do you will have great smoke and dense buds.


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I have a sativa that i started bending at 20".its now 5 feet and flowering for 8 weeks.buds are long and big but not dense.very hairy and not Many tri coms.i have my room around 78 degrees f and two 400 watt hps. I use the flora series bloom, grow and micro. I have an Indica in the room that is flowering picture perfect. My ph is at 6.i leave my water out over night and i use peet and perlite for soil and water every day oror two can anyone tell me what is going wrong or is it just the strain.it is definatel
y sativa.PLEASE HELP


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what lamp are you veging under? a lack of blue spectrum light will cause exactly what you describe, so if you're running the HPS for both stages, then that's your problem :peace:
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