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Help me blend some soil - First time grower


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Hi, I've attempted to grow a plant before, which died due to root rot, mainly because the soil was so crap it gave the plant huge drainage issues. So this time I wanted to do it right and I want to make sure I get the soil right.

This is for a single plant, just for my medicinal use so I'm looking at one pot. (lol)

I have...
- 100g Bone Meal
- 100g Fish Blood and Bone meal
- 500g Bat Guano
- 100g Lime
- 500g Worm Castings mixed with Perlite
- 50g Epsom Salts
The above were all given to my by a friend who said to research what blend of these to use, Epsom salts I've no idea about with plant use, but I've heard of the others, so far the seedling is just sprouting out of ordinary bedding soil, that will have to be my base because I've got nothing else, but I've no clue just how much of the above to add, I don't want to give it too much, and I have no clue how much is too much. So if anyone could come up with some bright ideas about which of these to add and how much of each to add, it'd be appreciated.

It's an indoor plant, with a grow light on the way and a digital pH/Temp/Light/Humidity meter coming with it.

I suffer an autoimmune condition, cannabis is the medicine I chose to help with my symptoms because the pills the doctors gave would literally make me pass out and wanna throw up constantly. Good old weed even takes the pain away quicker than they do. :circle-of-love:

Any help is appreciated guys :):thanks:
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